Shop the well-being range at beautystoreonline.co.uk. Our range consist of well-being problem solution products for cold sores, ear wax buildup, warts, mouth ulcers and head lice. Our top brands include Earigate, Zzip, Picksan and Bye. No problem is too big for us!

About Our Well-Being Range:

We work with some of the best well-being brands in the industry to help you stay healthy and well and if a problem does appear we will help solve it with our vast range of products. Our top brands include Earigate, Bye, Picksan and Zzip.

Information About Our Top Well-Being Brands:


The Bye brand consists of 2 products, one is a wart treatment and the other is a mouth ulcer treatment. They are both natural products and are formulated with natural ingredients. Bye mouth ulcers treats the sore using a firm film layer enabling the mouth to heal holistically. Bye Wart deposits a protective film over the wart and verruca to aid recovery. See products for more information.


Earigate consists of two products: Earigate and Earigate Unplugged. Earigate is designed to remove earwax safely using 100% sea water and a flexi nozzle that sprays backwards to clear the ear canal. Earigate Unplugged is used to dissolve earwax build up, using a natural solution and a forward spray flexi nozzle. See products for more information.


Picksan products remove head lice and prevent them from coming back. The shampoo is designed to remove head lice in speedy time. The preventative spray can be used on any hair at any time to ensure you’re head lice free for longer. See products for more information:


Zzip is a new way to treat an old problem – cold sores. Zzip Cold Sore Treatment will not only get rid of the sore but it will also prevent the cold sores form spreading or returning. Zzip traps the cold sore with an invisible shield to stop it from spreading. Zaps the cold sore to relieve immediate pain and irritation and heals the cold sore to treat and remove it. See product details for more information.

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