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About Our Food Supplements and Vitamins Range:

We work with some of the best food supplement and vitamin brands in the industry of health and fitness to help you stay healthy and fit. Our top brands include: Marcus Rohrer Spirulina and Oraldiet.

Information About Our Top Food Supplements and Vitamins Brands:

Marcus Rohrer Spirulina:

Marcus Rohrer Spirulina® is a 100% top quality Spirulina with over 100 nutrients and the full spectrum of minerals. It is grown on a special water farm in sunny Hawaii. The quality is strictly monitored from source to final packaging. Daily controls during growth, careful processing in accordance with state-of-the-art techniques and quality controls in line with stringent international standards, guarantee optimum quality and purity. Marcus Rohrer can only apply this guarantee of quality to the original Marcus Rohrer Spirulina®, which is packaged in Miron® glass. Marcus Rohrer Spirulina from Hawaii is backed by scientific proof of highest nutrient levels with unprecedented purity and concentration, making it simply, the best Spirulina in the world. See product information for more details.


Oraldiet is formulated as lozenges that are designed to help prevent bad breath and improve gums. They have a great taste and are healthy for the mouth. Theses lozenges are for people looking to improve their oral hygiene or have issues with teeth, gums, or bad breath. See product for more information.

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